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Working from home

The working world is moving towards embracing working from home. Due to COVID-19, working from home has been tremendously accelerated.

For some, working from home may be as natural as working in the office. Their productivity is not hampered by being at home.

For many, being productive at home is a challenge. Their environment may not support working from home.

Before my current job, I have been working from home for 7 years (2 years as a dad). I have dealt with the stress, nuances, and quirkiness of working from home.

Why build another Working from Home Site?

Each site gives you a different set of useful tips. They are all awesome. I subscribe to the same sites and try out the tips for myself.

Since all this information is on different sites, I find it hard to separate the ones I have and haven't tried.

Thus, my goal is to consolidate all these great ideas/tips into 1 big list. An ultimate list for everyone to consume. And this ultimate list will not be written once and forgotten, It will be a live list.

Where can I find the list?

At the top right corner of this page - labeled Working from home tips